Outrageous: Facebook puts veterans’ lives in danger

Outrageous: Facebook puts veterans’ lives in danger


fbcensorshipIt seems that Facebook has recently put the lives of veterans with PTSD in danger when it banned all of the adminstrators of “Military with PTSD” over a post about God and religion.

Thing is, the post wasn’t even put up by an administrator — it was a comment by a veteran user.  And the admins had no problem with the post.  But the censors at Facebook decided that the entire admin team had to be punished.

Examiner explains:

WFIE said the page, now with over 22,000 supporters, was started by Shawn Gourley, of Evansville, Ind., after her husband was diagnosed with the disorder.

Gourley said the page has given her a chance to help families of veterans and veterans suffering from PTSD, some of whom, WFIE said, were on the brink of suicide.

Got that, Facebook?  On the brink of suicide.

What could have happened?

“Facebook put a lot of lives in danger,” said Marcus Spaulding, a veteran who helps run the page.

Spaulding explained what could have happened as a direct result of Facebook’s actions.

“We could be burying another vet,” he said.

It’s not enough Facebook can ruin reputations or livelihoods.  Now, they’re putting people’s lives in danger.  And it needs to stop.

You can make your voice heard — or not heard — by participating in Facebook Blackout on August 25.

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