Battlefield Cross T-Shirt gets 8th grader sent home from school

Screenshot 2015-10-09 16.49.35A Gresham, Oregon school – Dexter McCarty Middle School – sent home an 8th grader because he was wearing a t-shirt that featured the “Battlefield Cross” memorial used for fallen military members. That actual reason was that the t-shirt had a gun on it.

Change your clothes!

The principle had given Alan an ultimatum- change his clothes or leave school. He refused to change his clothes, so they called his father and he left the school.

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Lesbian Swedish bishop seeks removal of crucifixes to welcome Muslim ‘angels’

Eva_BrunneSweden’s Eva Brunne has quite the penchant for firsts. As a cleric in the Scandinavian nation’s national church, she’s of but a handful of women ever elevated to her own episcopate.

She also is the first open lesbian to be named a bishop in the 72 million members strong Lutheran World Federation.

Brunne also has the dubious distinction of being the first member of the Swedish Church’s hierarchy to call for the removal of all Christian signs and symbols from a Christian church as to make welcome the rather sizable Muslim immigrant wave that has recently come to call Sweden home.

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News editor denigrates Naval hero to defend Obama’s Islamist policies 

Muslim Brotherhood ChartWhile most media critics — Fox News Channel’s Howard Kurtz for one — are quick to dispel any accusations that left-wing “progressives” are in control of most news organizations, a well-respected editor took potshots at a former four-star U.S. Navy admiral who openly opposes President Barack Obama, especially his nuclear weapons pact with Iran.

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European refugee flood; the revolt of the Christian laity


Orthodox woman attending Liturgy. Photo:

While Europe nations from the Balkans to Scandinavia are attempting to cope with at least hundreds of thousands of refugees already on the continent, the leaders of the three largest Christian Churches in all of Christendom, albeit to various degrees, are exhorting the faithful to assist the migrants.

While the Pontiff of Rome, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, and the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ have expressed varying degrees of support for the migrants, the pushback is coming from an unexpected source; the Christian laity.   Continue reading

Police Chief tells FFRF to go fly a kite as Atheists condemns Christians

Police Chief tells FFRF to go fly a kite as Atheists condemns Christians

(FFRF Facebook Post)

The Childress, Texas, Police Chief, Adrian Garcia, received a letter from the hardcore atheist organization that hates Christianity and anything pertaining to God, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  As Faye Higbee reported earlier, the letter demanded the Chief remove the ‘In God We Trust’ decals from all the department’s patrol vehicles.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, a hardcore group of liberal atheists, has been going after and filing suits against schools, government, police departments and against any other government entity, demanding removal of anything that displays or mentions the word ‘God’ or any reference to any scriptures in the Bible. Continue reading

Muslim tsunami: German woman evicted to make way for refugees

The majority of Syrian refugees are men, not women and children.

The majority of Syrian refugees are men, not women and children.

A 51-year-old German healthcare worker is being evicted from her apartment in which she lived for 16 years in order to make room for the Muslim refugees from Syria and other war-torn Islamic nations, with refugee camps and facilities already full throughout German, according to the European news media. 

The German woman is being removed from her legal dwelling to make way for mostly Muslim Syrians who are being treated as asylum-seekers with little or no background checks of those who are flooding European Union (EU) countries and eventually the United States. The German government is trying to provide living accommodations for the hundreds of thousands of Arabs flooding their cities.

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Childress, Texas Police to the Freedom From Religion Foundation – Go Fly a Kite!

When the Childress, Texas, Police Department received a demand from the “FFRF ” – Freedom From Religion Foundation – to remove the slogan “In God We Trust” off their police cars, their police chief, Adrian Garcia, made a non-politically correct response:

“Ok so here it is I received a letter from the freedom of religion foundation, demanding we remove the “In God we trust ” off our patrol units. So I responded back with this letter.

Chief Adrian Garcia”


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Freedom is not Government Issued – Mason Weaver (videos)

masonweaver1clarencethomas“Freedom is not government issued. It belongs to you.” Mason Weaver

As a former black radical liberal, Mason Weaver knows what it’s like to live in hate. But his journey from darkness to light carries an inspiring message. We connected up with him yesterday to hear his amazing story.

The journey begins

Mason grew up in a solid Christian home. He was a high school dropout who joined the U.S. Navy. During his active duty, a white racist sailor deliberately dropped 2,800 pounds of steel on him, crushing his hip and leaving him disabled. Doctors gave him one week to live, but he defied those odds. But the sight of the hate in that man’s eyes haunted him.

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ISIS nails Christians to crosses, Britain battles for its destiny

ISIS nails Christians to crosses, Britain battles for its destiny

(Photo by Britain First)

Brigitte Gabriel, an Arab Christian who as a young girl was a victim of radical Islam during the Lebanese Civil War, told Breitbart News that Europe, which is ignoring the plight of Christians, will no longer be Europe by 2050 and that the continent has already become Eurabia.  If Gabriel’s comments hold true, Britain will become the next “Britarabia” as well.

While the U.S. battles on what to do with the flow of Muslim refugees, Britons are on the threshold of watching their nation become increasingly Muslim, taking away their independence and watching as the country, as well as the U.S., ignores the plight of Christians being slaughtered by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists, Britain First reported. Continue reading

Hero Who Saved Blind Student From Bully Suspended, Kicked Off Football Team

Historical-School-Buildings-04-1Call it yet more proof that in today’s America, evil is good and good is evil.  At Huntington Beach High School, a bully was beating up on a child who is legally blind, when another student saw what was happening.  He decked the bully with one punch, then went to make sure the victim was all right.  He then turned back to the attacker and asked:

“You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro? What the f*** is your problem?” 

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University of Delaware in meltdown over ‘hate crime’ that never happened

fakenooseUnfortunately, human history is replete with examples of mass hysteria where the only guilt assigned was guilt by accusation.

The latest instance very well could be at a certain Middle Atlantic university whose various teams have been assigned the moniker of a violent female chicken.

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Fraud? A Hidden Agenda? Questions About Ahmed’s Clock (Videos)

 Ahmed’s clock …There are many things about the firestorm over a 14 year old’s so-called “invention” that do not ring true. So let’s examine a few of the questions that are being raised:

Was it a real “invention” or a fake? Maybe a fraud from the beginning?

Why the firestorm over a device that clearly looked suspicious? The “Islamophobe” agenda.

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