Marco Rubio Teams Up With Black Lives Matter Against Cops

606px-Marco_Rubio,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressI’m amazed that Marco Rubio has so many supporters considering how far left many of his policies are, such as his stand for open borders and how he sabotaged an effort to do away with sanctuary cities in Florida.

The official unofficial spokesperson for Black Lies Matters, DeRay McKesson,  is anxious to meet with Marco Rubio, after Rubio made very favorable remarks towards the group whose motto is,  “Pigs in a blanket! Fry ‘em like bacon!”: Continue reading

Criminal Illegal Alien Let Out Onto Street Repeatedly Rapes 10 Year Old

illegal-immI’m getting mighty tired of hearing of women and children being raped and Americans being slaughtered by illegal aliens.  How about you?  Unfortunately it will continue to be a common theme until Obama exits the White House.

In an all too familiar story, one of the illegal aliens who looks like an Obama “son” has managed to avoid serving the five year prison sentence that was handed down to him, dodge deportation by the Muslim-in-Chief and goes on to rape a ten year old girl.

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Hungary authorizes army to stop migrants, Obama drops $4.5 billion

4221396001_4496912695001_borderSometimes, a nation’s leaders must draw the line between what is a refugee crisis and what is an invasion.

Much like a nation’s leaders must draw the line when it come to spending the taxpayers money even when that same nation is estimated to be just a few short months away from seeing itself at an eye popping $19 trillion in debt.

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Hungarian newsie trips ‘refugee’; revealed he’s Islamic jihadist terrorist

hungaryHungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo is seeing many a wagging finger aimed directly at her from well-heeled pundits who wouldn’t know a real refugee from a bowl of kimchee.

As it turns out, the Magyar media matron was caught on film giving a trip to an alleged refugee who was also seen on film trying to give Hungarian police the slip.

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Beware of Liberals Bearing Gifts for 2016

harry-reid-vine-mocks-republicans-shutdownThey’re at it again.  Liberals are feigning fear of establishment candidates they feel certain they can beat.  The latest liberal hero (actually heroine) is Carly Fiorina.

In total this week, liberals are making the case that Fiorina, Rubio and Bush are the candidates that liberals fear most.  It’s no coincidence that all three favor amnesty for illegal aliens, the very issue that has fired up conservatives all over the country.  All three also favor retaining anchor babies.  That also is no coincidence. Continue reading

Yes, Jorge Ramos, most Americans want a wall on the southern border, even Hispanics

Us-mexico_border_at_TijuanaIt would seem that despite all the caterwauling on the left, a majority of Americans do want a fence on the southern border.  A YouGov poll indicates that 64 percent of all Americans want the fence — and that includes a plurality of Hispanics.

Forty-four percent of Democrats support the idea as well, as opposed to 43 who do not.  It seems that regardless of the demographic, support for a southern border fence outpaces opposition.  No surprise, really, given the invasion of illegal aliens the Obama regime has enabled.

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Secure the Border! A Texas Marine Speaks Out

Border US FlagT.M. is a Marine and a Texas resident. He is also one of the many Americans who are patrolling the Texas border because the government refuses to lock it down. He is passionate about defending the border because of what he sees going on there – and he has some solutions to the problem.

“Mohammed looks a lot like Julio…it’s not just Julio with a backpack and a water jug that is coming across the border… people have no idea how bad it really is down here.”


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WTF? DOJ Punishes Company For Discrimination That Refused to Hire Illegal Aliens

immigration-PolicyPerhaps it’s my fault for failing to recognize that we no longer live in the United States but in Obama’s Transformational Transylvania.

Hiring illegal aliens is in itself illegal, therefore how can you punish a company for complying with the law?  The answer is simple………..and idiotic.  Since the government can’t openly force you to hire illegal aliens, they simply disallow you to ask for proof of citizenship.  So, how can you tell if they are illegal if you can’t verify it?  You ask them and if they say “Si,” you can’t question it. Continue reading

Family of Katie Steinle Files Lawsuit Against Everyone…WTG!!

steinle4n-1-webThe family of Katie Steinle who was brutally murdered along a popular dock in San Francisco has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Land Management.

In my opinion, the person most responsible in Steinle’s death is Mirkarimi. Continue reading

Two Hundred and Forty Four Illegal Aliens Rounded Up in California

ICE raidICE agents fanned out across Southern California and swept up two hundred and forty four illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes.

About 80% were Mexicans and the rest were mostly from Central and South America.  The operation lasted for four days and concentrated only on illegal aliens with criminal records.   Continue reading

Mexico Joins Lawsuit Over Texas’ Refusal to Give Birth Certificates to Illegal Aliens

color-anchor-babies-webMexico has added a 19 page amicus (Friend of the court) brief to a lawsuit against Texas for their refusal to issue birth certificates to illegal aliens.

What makes this so funny and at the same time infuriating is that Mexico does not recognize anchor babies themselves.  What right does a foreign government have to interfere in a case involving another country’s sovereignty? Continue reading

Illegal Alien Sexually Assaults 8 Year Old, Allowed to Stay, Then Rapes Child With Downs Syndrome

rapistAnother illegal alien who is like a son to Obama has been on the run for allegedly breaking into the home of a 16-year-old girl with Downs Syndrome and raping her.  Take that Jorge Ramos, you thug.

What makes this crime even more heinous is that at the time of the rape, the illegal alien, Jesus Atrian, was on the list for sexual predators. Continue reading